Time Management for ADHD

Time management is an effective strategy to ensure you are ten steps ahead of any task. However, what if it is the only thing you cannot do?

Individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) find it hard to concentrate on one task for a long time. Let alone plan ahead of time, break the task into simple steps, and get to it immediately.

ADHD individuals are stuck in their heads too much to simply start. Their inability to perceive future rewards makes it difficult to understand the fulfilling results of effective time management.

Attention deficit people are strongly attached to the present. So when assigned a task they do not simply want to get it over with. Instead pushing tasks closer to deadlines while enjoying social media is a common behavior.

Fortunately, there are ways for ADHD individuals to concentrate their attention and get most work done during the allocated hours.

Break the Daunting Tasks

Take baby steps. You are delaying the task because there is a lot to be done. Not if you break it into subparts. Tackle one part at a time. You will successfully finish the task before the deadline approaches. Breaking the job into easier steps encourages you to continue.  Remember that it is consistent small steps that lead to huge things.

Create Realistic Goals

Do not burden yourself with unrealistic goals. That will inevitably create delays and avoidance. Set daily or weekly goals and achieve one goal at a time. Convince yourself about the importance of goal setting and all the fun ways you can enjoy the awarding results of completing your goals.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritize the tasks that need to be finished sooner and have approaching deadlines. However, deadlines should not be the deciding factor only. Make sure you do not start with easy tasks, like email replies, to get cheap dopamine. Instead, prioritize the most challenging and creative tasks and start with them, leaving the easy ones for the time when your energy is low. 

Set a Timetable

The idea of creating a schedule may seem childish and unnecessary, especially for ADHD individuals. However, building a timetable gives you an insight into wasted time. Plus it is an effective strategy that teaches time management.

Also not adhering to a schedule is a reality check regarding how far behind you are on assigned tasks. Do you need help? Make a schedule and watch your follow patterns.

Block Distractions

Distraction is the biggest challenge for ADHD individuals. If you want to give yourself a break. Sure, just don’t get carried away. As reported by individuals before they know it hours have passed wasting time. So, avoid distractions by using noise-canceling headphones, placing your phones out of reach, and using website blockers. Consider using a physical time tracker instead of a digital app for ADHD management as a physical device is more natural and generates less distraction.

Believe in Yourself

A flicker of doubt can upset your motivation and routine. Believe in yourself. Train yourself into thinking you can achieve your goals. Moreover, trust that you can concentrate on what you have set your mind on.

Take Healthy Breaks

Working yourself tirelessly will only quicken the approach of discouragement and inevitable burnout. For an ADHD person hours of concentration followed by days of relaxation is normal. To avoid all this, you should take small breaks in between working hours. Take a walk or eat something. Watch an entertaining video to relax yourself.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is a great way of staying motivated. Plan on treating yourself to a small present after you finish the task. Watch how quickly and mindfully you will do your work to get the reward.

This training trick is a great tip for overcoming procrastination. The sense of accomplishment is inspiring after feeling let down by your normal ADHD routine.

Professional Help

ADHD can easily be tackled if you set your mind to it. Strategies, like we have mentioned above, help you manage time and catalyze productivity. However, if you have tried most of these tricks before, and feel like a visit to a therapist will help. Go for it. According to our survey personalized ADHD specialist advice is worth every penny.

I would also add a suggestion to find and join a community of ADHD people, so you do not feel alone and find support from your peers.


Training for time management, in ADHD individuals, starts with smaller everyday tasks. Eating, sleeping, and exercising daily are minor steps to building a healthy routine. Talking to friends and coworkers will help release the mounting tension.

 Reward yourself from time to time and do not forget to turn on the time trackers.

Be patient while following the strategies. You will see minute improvements turning into bigger achievements over time. Good luck!

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