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Gaming has always been an on-demand thing for the users. We all know what gaming means to us, it is not just a fun activity but a profession and a source to earn for many. Our love for gaming is indefinable. If you are a gamer or planning a gaming setup, you need a steady internet connection to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience. You would need a Cox Internet for your house to have seamless gaming sessions. 

If you are looking for a provider who could provide you with a hassle-free gaming experience, then I must tell you, you’re at the right place as the article will guide you on how the Internet is connected with gaming and how well Cox has contributed to the gaming industry. But Before that, let’s discuss Cox Communications and the services it comes with.

How Cox Communications Has Been?

Cox Communications has been one of the finest service providers operating in the United States. The provider is currently offering its premium services in 18 states of the US, which makes it the third largest internet service provider. Currently, it has more than 6 million subscribers and it aims to have more by targeting people so that it can stay on top forever. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cox Communications has left its competitors way behind through a Speed Test by Ookla where networks like Spectrum and Xfinity were way behind than Cox. 

Services Being Offered by the Network

As we all know the fact that Cox Communications has always been a network that has been the talk of the town for providing unlimited services to its users. It would be very fair to say that the provider has somehow succeeded in delivering amazing services door-to-door. Not denying that the Internet is the main source of recognition for Cox but other services are no less, like, Cox Phone, Cox Homelife Security, and who can forget the primary source of entertainment for us back then; i.e. Cox TV / Cox Contour TV.

Talking about the internet being connected with gaming and how can someone not talk about the Internet Plans. Don’t worry because here are the super-speedy Internet Plans by Cox Communications.

Cox Internet Plans – Perfect for Gaming

Being a user’s network, the provider has never compromised on the quality of work it has delivered. The Internet has always been a massive source of recognition of the network so far and it has proved to be the best in the league. Have a look at the Internet Plans by the provider to accommodate users in the best possible manner.



Starting with

Data Caps

Go Fast

100 Mbps amazing download speed5 Mbps uploadNo termination chargesPanoramic Wi-Fi4 million + Wi-Fi hotspots

$49.99 /mo.

1.25 TB

Go Faster

250 Mbps amazing download speed5 Mbps uploadNo termination chargesPanoramic Wi-Fi4 million + Wi-Fi hotspots

$69.99 /mo.

1.25 TB

Go Even Faster

500 Mbps amazing download speed10 Mbps uploadNo termination chargesPanoramic Wi-Fi4 million + Wi-Fi hotspots

$89.99 /mo.

1.25 TB

Go Super-Fast

1 Gbps amazing download speed35 Mbps uploadNo termination chargesPanoramic Wi-Fi4 million + Wi-Fi hotspots

$109.99 /mo.

1.25 TB

Go Beyond Fast

2 Gbps amazing download speed35 Mbps uploadNo termination chargesPanoramic Wi-Fi4 million + Wi-Fi hotspots

Go Beyond Fast is not widely available, check the Availability Map for more info.

1.25 TB

Go Beyond Fast

The plan is doing amazingly great where available. As mentioned in the table “Go Beyond” is not available everywhere but if you are a gamer and want to have the most premium experience of gaming, you should definitely have this tier in your house as the network will make sure you have the best experience with zero lags.

Let’s talk about the factors behind which a user can face lags while playing any game. 

Factors to Consider

It would be very fair to say that lag is the most hated thing in the world. As a user, you would and should be frustrated by bearing unnecessary lags but there are some factors that we need to consider while playing games to avoid lags. Have a look!


Latency is one of the most important factors to be considered. Latency is the time your internet takes to travel to your house and if you have a provider who has a high latency, then surely, you’re not getting enough speed and your game will lag. To game better, you would need a network like Cox Internet which provides low latency so that you can have fun.

Internet Speed

Speed is what matters the most. As a gamer, speed should be the main concern when choosing a provider. While gaming, you should have a high, better, and constant speed so that you face fewer lags. If you are having multiplayer gaming, you should be worried if your provider is not providing you with relevant speed.

Problems with your Router

There can be very high chances of your router not providing you enough speed. You need to check, maybe your router can be outdated and if your router is outdated and not getting updates, you need to change your router so that your speed doesn’t get compromised.

Disturbance with Other Devices

Another reason can be an interruption from other Wireless devices near your house. If you are surrounded by a crowded area, assuming if there are too many Wi-Fi and electronic devices around you. The speed will eventually drop and you might have to face disturbance in your game too.

Depending on Provider

Your Internet Speed truly depends on your provider and the quality of services it provides. If you are a person who is still suffering with your old and slow internet service provider, it would be very shocking to hear that you’re still okay with it. Have a better provider and the best provider in the town would be none other but Cox Internet. Cox Internet will make sure to provide you with the best premium experience so that you can game easily.

Type of Connection

Speed and Quality truly depend on the type of connection or the type of service you have availed. If you are using DSL or Cable Internet, then you might face more lags, doesn’t matter which provider you’re using. The best way to prevent lags while gaming is to have a full fiber or fiber-powered internet connection. For that, the best available option would be Cox Internet as the provider is a fiber-powered network and will add more value to your money.

Let’s Conclude

Cox Communications has been brilliant in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction. The provider has been amazing in providing accurate speed to the users. If you are a gamer and looking for a better ISP, then you must have a look at the Cox Internet and the plans as Cox is the ideal candidate to meet your needs. The best thing that comes with Cox would be the “Brilliant Customer Support”. The team will always be ready to help you because of the 24/7 availability and they will make sure to solve your issue in the best possible time.

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